Cold Man

Once upon a time there was a cold man
Sad lonely mind, walking from town to town
His soul was so frozen, turned into ice everything he touched
His pain was so intense that he wanted to die at the end of the world

One night, he met a woman so passionate, she told him about her wish of climbing high
To give his life and death some sense, he realized her dream by going in the middle of nowhere
The snow guy finally felt great as he became the greatest mountain ever made

Cold Man (projet affiche)

Paroles écrites fin novembre en mode fiction, comme au tout début avec Talfi, durant nos premières réunions créatives, quand essayait de développer des petits scénarios. Démo qui est restée de côté 2 mois, puis on a enfin peaufiné les enregistrements voix, le mixage. 

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